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Drive, Flip, CRASH!

Vehicle Stunts - Buses, Cars, Motorcycles.

Vehicle stunts are high risk and should only be performed by experienced professionals in a safe environment.
This shot was taken of Tony performing a full 360 Rollover in a jeep - as well as performing the stunt, the pipe ramp and roll cage were also rigged & fabricated by Tony!  Tony is an award winning on and off road race driver in multiple classes, and received stunt driving training from Bobby Orr of Dukes of Hazard fame.

Vehicle Stunts: Press


Fair City's car roll stunt/crash scene takes viewers by storm!  A special episode was aired following the success of the stunt scene episode, showing the behind the scenes of the stunt and the workings of the performer.  Tony Condren rigged and performed the stunt as well as building/fabricating the roll cage for the car's interior, ensuring his safety throughout the scene.


TONY CONDREN STUNTS - Feature Film 'The Flag' with Mo Dunford and Pat Shortt

Car chase and crash scenes, rigged and performed by Tony Condren for Feature Film; The Flag.  While safety is paramount when rigging, performing and coordinating stunts, his experience and expertise enables Tony to do this while ensuring an optimal experience for the audience.

These are just some examples of some traditional and bespoke stunts designed in conjuntion with the directors for the best visual experience possible . Get in touch for more.

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