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Equipment & Services for Hire

At , productions can avail of a wide range of equipment and services for hire.  See some examples listed - please contact directly for further details and/or additional requirements

Client 4

Walkie Talkie Sets

Up to 16 Channels per Radio

100+ Radios available for hire

Client 1


4 x Boats for hire; 

7.5 metre Humber Destroyer Rescue Boat - 200 Horsepower

4.5 metre Dory - 40 Horsepower

5 metre Rescue Rib - 50 Horsepower

2 metre Hard Hull Rib - 10 Horsepower

Client 7


Selection of Police and Army uniforms available for Hire - contact directly for further details

Client 8


Diving Equipment for hire, Commercial Divers for stunts/water safety - all services and equipment provided, contact for details.

Client 4


Armourer and Armoury for hire - contact directly for details

Client 2

Tracking Quad

Seats mounted front & rear for camera or focus puller -

for forward or rear angle shots

Client 3

Stunt Crane

'Flying' Stunt Crane for aerial and acrobatic Scenes

Client 5


For speed-controlled falls, high falls etc.

Client 6

General Stunt Equipment:

Crash Mats

Rigging equipment


Box Trailers


Large Box Van with Tail-Lift

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